Name Mrs B
Age 79
Location Croydon

When we first met Mrs B, she’d just been discharged from hospital following a hip replacement. This injury was a result of falling in her home.

This was not the first time, Mrs B had a history of falls and had previously fractured her wrist. Osteoporosis had made her bones fragile.

Fearful of falling and too scared to leave her home, Mrs B’s family were worried for her safety and were considering whether to choose a care home for her.

Fairhand met Mrs B and her family at home and worked through exercises and techniques that would improve her mobility, strength and balance.

Together, we made alterations to her household arrangement so that it’d be safer environment for Mrs B to live in.

After just two visits and with light family supervision, Mrs B felt confident enough to go out and about and is now much more active than before.


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