Fairhand Visiting Physiotherapists focuses on improving your safety, mobility and balance. Quality of life can not only be restored for yourself but also for your loved ones, who may live with you or care for you. We ensure that you and your family are fully involved in all decisions made regarding your treatment programme, working closely together on exercises as well as practical tips to facilitate this.

Our approach to treatment

We understand that the circumstances that led up to your need for treatment cannot be ignored. Therefore, a ‘tick box’ style assessment just won’t do.

Fairhand has adopted a holistic approach to treatment which looks at you and your environment together as a whole and encompasses underlying issues and every day factors that could have led to the incident but could also help with the path to recovery.

These include:

  • Medical history
  • General health
  • Lifestyle
  • Family life
  • Environment
  • Daily routine and activities

What to expect at an appointment

At our first visit we’ll combine treatment with assessment to carefully get you doing things for yourself right from the beginning.

During the one hour session, we’ll set realistic goals and work safely within your home to teach you practical methods that can fit into your daily routine so that treatment can continue between appointments. It may be that mobility equipment or other aid is required. Fairhand can help organise for this too. You can read more on what to expect at your first appointment on our FAQs page.

Our goal is to make you feel positive about your progress at the end of every session and we will never push you to take on more than you are ready for. We’ve found this is rewarding, instilling a real sense of achievement and enthusiasm to achieve what once may have felt out of reach.

Help is at hand today

If you would like to talk through your needs, we can be contacted on 020 8651 2110 or emailed at


Each of our physiotherapists is DBS checked, a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy & HCPC registered

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the
professional, educational and trade union body
for the UK’s 50,000 chartered physiotherapists,
physiotherapy students and associates

Help is at hand