Falls prevention

It’s true that a person can have a fall at any point in their life. However, the risks are greater for older people. A fall could lead to serious injury as well other problems that are harder to treat; loss of confidence and no longer feeling independent.

Muscle weakness, balance problems, visual impairment and medical conditions (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) are some of the reasons why an older person may have a fall.

Help is at hand

Fairhand Visiting Physiotherapists will not only treat the injury that has resulted from the fall but will work with you on building your strength back up, improving your mobility and dealing with any underlying issues that led up to the incident and possibly prevent it from happening again.

We listen intently to our patients so we are tuned in to what you want to achieve and we aim to give back quality of life and allow you to regain control.

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Your Fairhand physio will assess a number of factors that we have learnt can be contributing factors;

  • The time of day that the fall took place
  • What medication is being prescribed and the likely side effects
  • Nutrition and diet, including possible dehydration
  • Medical conditions
  • Underlying infections, such as urinary or chest
  • Foot and other chiropody problems (podiatry)
  • Layout of your living space
  • Driving or no longer driving

You can expect to be safely taught exercises that can fit into your daily routine so that they can be repeated, even between appointments, to facilitate your recovery. Where we can we’ll try to incorporate exercises that are familiar to any hobbies you might enjoy.

We can offer you practical advice which may include rearranging furniture and lighting to eliminate trip hazards, ensuring the toilet is accessible and paths are clear of clutter with a place to rest if needed and information on what you should do if you have another fall.


The information provided on our website is for guidance purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice or professional diagnosis. If you think you may be suffering from a medical condition you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Case Study – falls

Name Mrs G Age 83 Location Purley Mrs G’s reduced mobility and balance led to her becoming housebound and lacking in confidence. With an increasing frequency of falls within her home, this sounded very familiar to us. We suggested some simple but effective ideas to...


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Help is at hand