Frailty may not be a term you’ve regularly come across but there are many symptoms you may feel familiar with.

If you’re an elderly person suffering from frailty, you may find it difficult to stand, sit and get out of bed. You’re less likely to be able to cook for yourself, appear slow moving and unsteady on your feet and probably lack in confidence.

Without intervention, you could be on the verge of having a fall. If you do fall and struggle to get back on to your feet afterwards, you might be lying on the ground for a long time, especially if you are on your own. This could lead to other health implications such as shock or hypothermia.

Help is at hand

It is sometimes the case that the person’s family considers the decision to move them into a nursing home. It very much depends on the case, but wherever it’s possible we do our utmost to support a person to continue living safely and independently so that they can remain active for longer.

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Your Fairhand physio will;

  • Listen to your wants and goals, we know falling can be traumatic
  • Safely support you through different exercises to help improve movement, balance and strength
  • Assess your living space, checking factors that could be improved such as lighting and rearranging furniture or perhaps recommending mobility and transition aids such as handrails
  • Liaise with your GP and assess your general health, medical conditions and medication
  • Offer guidance to your family on ways they can support you
  • Teach you ways to get up safely should you have a fall and how to call for help

If you think you know someone in this position, please act now to provide them with the support they need to prevent them from having a fall.


The information provided on our website is for guidance purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice or professional diagnosis. If you think you may be suffering from a medical condition you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Case study

Name Mrs P
Age 85
Location Oxted

Mrs P had lived independently at home until a fall in her bedroom left her with a fractured hip.

Her injury and frail state meant she’d been unable to lift herself back onto her feet or call for help. She’d spent several hours lying on floor before she was found.

Following admittance to hospital and subsequent surgery, Mrs P returned home 10 days later but struggled to cope with her daily life.

During our assessment we realised Mrs P had developed a fear of falling and lacked in confidence.

Working together with Mrs P and her family, we were able to get her walking outside again and from there she quickly progressed from relying on a zimmer frame to using just one single stick.

Mrs P also now wears a pendant personal alarm, on our advice, to avoid lying alone for a long time should she fall again.

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