Christmas is that very special time of year when we all want to be spending time with family and loved ones. But sometimes the strain of arranging to have an elderly relative to stay can be viewed as more stressful than it’s worth. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With help and careful planning, the older members of your family can share in the Christmas festivities with everyone else.


Common worries

If you have a parent or other relative in a residential centre, it’s natural to want to bring them home for a visit over Christmas. However, it’s just as natural to worry about how you’re going to manage it. Common concerns include how to move an immobile or only partially mobile person, problems getting in and out of the car, how they will cope with what could be a long day or a stay in a busy, crowded house, and how they will manage to use the bathroom facilities and toilet. And it’s not only Christmas Day that you might want to think about—what if you’d like to take your loved one Christmas shopping, to a carol service or a party. The same considerations apply, but it would be a shame for them to miss out on all the fun because of logistical problems.


Help is at hand

Here at Fairhand Physio, we like to see everyone enjoying and making the most of the festive period. And for most families, the sort of practical problems outlined above can be resolved with a little forward planning and perhaps some professional help. The first thing to do is to work out where any difficulties might arise, for example, in transportation or climbing stairs. Talk to your relative, and if they are living in a residential home, ask the professionals for some practical advice. If this isn’t possible, why not consider booking a Fairhand visit package?


A few weeks before Christmas, or for that matter any other celebration or event you want to prepare for, we’ll come and visit you and your elderly relative at their place of residence. One of our trained physiotherapists will make an assessment and check the feasibility of having the person to stay or taking them out for the day. More often than not, with practical help and advice, you’ll discover that it won’t be as difficult as you first feared.


We can show you how help your family member out of their room, and we can give guidance on how to assist them into and out of your car. We’ll also give you advice on how to take them to the toilet in a way that will preserve their dignity and free you from worry. Surprisingly, help in going to the toilet is often more acceptable from family members that are less close—for some reason this can seem less stressful, in our experience.


We’ll be available to answer all your questions, during the visit and afterwards if anything else crops up. Depending on what you need, we might be able to loan you items of equipment, such as banana boards, and we can help you find services such as wheelchair taxis for a trip to the shops.


The Fairhand visit package usually lasts for about an hour and costs £85. It will provide you peace of mind and allow you to include your loved one in the festivities—because no one should have to miss out at this special time of year.






When Christmas comes, we’ve always found

It’s not much fun if you can’t get around.

On & off the loo and through the front door

Can seem to take for evermore.

Down the path and into a car

Can feel just like a bridge too far


Off your feet, on zimmer or on sticks

Our physios can help get you fixed.

Just send us an email or use the phone

And we will treat you in your home.


Help is at hand, right at your door

And Christmas could be fun once more.