Name Mrs P
Age 85
Location Oxted

Mrs P had lived independently at home until a fall in her bedroom left her with a fractured hip.

Her injury and frail state meant she’d been unable to lift herself back onto her feet or call for help. She’d spent several hours lying on floor before she was found.

Following admittance to hospital and subsequent surgery, Mrs P returned home 10 days later but struggled to cope with her daily life.

During our assessment we realised Mrs P had developed a fear of falling and lacked in confidence.

Working together with Mrs P and her family, we were able to get her walking outside again and from there she quickly progressed from relying on a zimmer frame to using just one single stick.

Mrs P also now wears a pendant personal alarm, on our advice, to avoid lying alone for a long time should she fall again.

Physio pictogram-trns